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North Dakota Birding Photo Gallery Series Detail
(Click the image to see a larger photo, if available)

Western Sandpiper
Photo of a breeding - alternate Western Sandpiper (on the right) found by Ron Martin and Sherrly Leslie at the Belfield Lagoons.
Taken: 2009-05-01
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Western Sandpipers (more)
After the close study of an individual at Patterson Lake in Stark Co., Jack Lefor located TWO more individuals in a weekend in southwest ND. Attached here are two photos taken by Jack on 09/01 (Patterson), and 09/04 (Bowman-Haley).
Taken: 2005-09-04 Bottom photo with the Stilt Sandpiper is the second at Patterson Lake. Note the lack of smudging around the sides of the neck and shorter bill compared to 2005-08-28 photo. The top photo taken at Bowman-Haley Reservoir, Bowman Co.
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Western Sandpiper
Found and photographed by Jack Lefor in Dickinson.

Photo shows the Western (foreground) with a Semipalmated Sandpiper.

First located on August 26th, the bird was still present through the 28th.
Taken: 2005-08-28 Notice the rusty feathers of the upper back, chunkier build, similar size and longer decurved tipped bill of Western compared to Semipalmated Sandpiper.
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Western Sandpiper
Found and photographed by Jack Lefor in Dickinson. Bird was located in the southeastern portion of Patterson Lake.

Note the rusty upper back, long decurved bill, and darkish legs. Juvenile female fall plumage presumably.
Taken: 2005-08-28 Although many records exist for this species, this bird is less than annual in North Dakota (southwest is most likely location). Are they that rare, or does noone look at Bowman-Haley that often?
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