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North Dakota Birding Photo Gallery Series Detail
(Click the image to see a larger photo, if available)

Common Nighthawk
Spotted by Connie N. (sharp eyes!) in Fargo's Trefoil Park, about 100 yards north of the north dam on the Red River. Photo by Dan Mason.
Taken: 2016-05-23 Trefoil Park on the north side of Fargo, Cass County, ND.
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Common Nighthawk
Common Nighthawk nestlings photo taken south of Crystal Springs by Rick Bohn.
Taken: 2015-07-23
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Common Nighthawk
Can you tell me what type of bird this is? Have shown up on our balcony for two years now. Sat in the same spot for at least 8 hours here in South Fargo.
Taken: 2014-09-04
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Nesting Common Nighthawk
We came upon this nesting Common Nighthawk. My daughter managed to get this photo and back away without flushing the mother. Taken east of Solen.
Taken: 2007-07-23
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