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North Dakota Birding Photo Gallery Series Detail
(Click the image to see a larger photo, if available)

Summer Record for Hermit Thrush
This thrush was identified as a Hermit Thrush based on song, tail much redder than rest of plumage, and the behavior of slowly raising its tail and then lowering it. Possibly a first summer record for North Dakota.
Taken: 2008-07-26 Pembina County. Image by Dave Lambeth.
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hermit thrush
Taken in the wake of a 9-inch late April snowfall. I think this species may sometimes be mistaken for Swainson's thrush. But hermit's tail is always red and its eyering is always white, never buffy as in Swainson's. Get a good look at thrushes.
Taken: 2008-04-26 Photo by Keith Corliss in his driveway of West Fargo.
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