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North Dakota Birding Photo Gallery Series Detail
(Click the image to see a larger photo, if available)

snow geese
part of what I figured as 1.2 million. flock on water ecactly one mile long and 200 to 400 yards wide. put the pencil to it, square footage and allow so many per goose-what do you get? Chased up by single Bald Eagle who did strike a blue.
Taken: 2016-03-24 5 North of Woodworth
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snow geese
1/13 th of flock, this photo with 200mm lens. Flock one mile long. am in the process of stiching 13 photos together! Rick B
Taken: 2016-03-24 5 N. Woodworth, Big Mallard Marsh
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snow geese
once again, 1/13th the flock ! Not only why don't they break wings but how do they relocate their life long till death do we part mate ? ? ? Only one bird down, the one an eagle hit! RB
Taken: 2016-03-24 5 to 7 miles N of Woodworth.
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Snow Goose Migration
The numbers of snow geese were phenomenal! Photo by TC Greywolf near Long Lake NWR.
Taken: 2011-04-04
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Snow Geese
Flock of Snow Geese flying overhead. Photo by Bill Carroll. Notice the first 3 birds on the bottom of the V. They are smaller, and probably Ross's Goose.
Taken: 2010-03-20 Fullerton ND
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