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North Dakota Birding Photo Gallery Series Detail
(Click the image to see a larger photo, if available)

BDD Festival
A group of Birders from last weeks Birding Drives Dakota Birding Festival, Sprauge's Pipit and Baird's sparrow found along with a dozen other species!
Taken: 2017-06-17 1 mile west of Kunkle Lake
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Purple Prairie Clover
PPC east of Chase Lake. used fill flash.
Taken: 2016-07-17 2 mi. east of Chase Lake
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Chase Lake Prairie
Sec. after Sec. of prime Sprauge's Pipit habitat and could not find one in three days of looking!!
Taken: 2016-07-03 2 miles east of Chase Lake Refuge proper.
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Birders from Horsehead Lake tour pose for a photo. At the NW "corner" of Horsehead Lake.
Taken: 2016-06-11
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Birders at BDD Festival
Birders on the east-west road north side Horsehead Lake.
Taken: 2016-06-11
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Wild Lily
While chasing Nelson's and LeConte's don't trip over one of these! Taken with Hasselblad/Zeiss medium format 80mm Planar T* lens and Zoerk adapter to 35mm digital body! NOTE: these lenses can be found for 1/4 the price of 20 years ago!!
Taken: 2011-07-05 Wet meadow zone 5 mi NE of Chase Lake.
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white-lined sphix moth
A moth species often mistaken for a hummingbird, for the fun stuff category. Photo by K Corliss in West Fargo back yard.
Taken: 2010-08-22
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Cow Moose
Birders need to be aware of the danger approaching these animals especially if there's a calf moose with. They will attack, it's like stepping on a rattle snake (it can hurt).
Taken: 2010-03-18 West side of Minot, in a coulee on the east side of Hwy 83 bypass, photo by Pius Klein
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East side of Minot, ND. Photo by Pius Klein.
Taken: 2010-03-13
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Bismarck Landfill Gulls
This photo taken at the Bismarck Landfill isn't the best, but gives you an idea on quick ID of gulls in large groups. The shades of gray on the mantle or back is your best hint as to gull identity. In the photo, there are 5 species to be seen.
Taken: 2008-04-09 Glaucous gull - whitest and biggest. The very dark Lesser Black-backed Gull on the right. The bird between them is a slightly lighter Herring Gull than Ring-billed Gulls (group in the front). California Gull(lower left) is the slightly darker gray.
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