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Electronic Documentation Form

Print out the "Print Documentation Form" and fill it out if you do not
wish to fill out this electronic form.


Observer Address Information


Email Address:

Street Address:




Sighting Information

Common Name:

Scientific Name:

Sighting Date(s)(m/d/yr):

Time and Length of Sighting:

Location of Sighting (County and Distance to nearest town
and legal description if known):

Light and Weather conditions during observation:

Optical/Photographic Equipment Used:

Number of Birds seen: Sex and age of birds seen:
Habitat Description:

Describe in great detail the bird(s) you observed. Describe the field marks
that you actually observed, NOT those described in the field guides. Include
size, shape, plumage pattern and coloration (including wear), bill characters
(shape, length, color), wings, tail, feet, and other characters(such as eye
color, leg length and color, etc.).
Description of Bird(s) Behavior:

Description of Bird(s) voice:

How was bird differentiated from similar species?:

Previous experience with this and similar species:

References Consulted:

Were field notes written:
During observation?
After observation?
From Memory?

All of your Information will be sent to